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Access for Researchers


Researchers interested in making use of one of the facilities listed in the Facilities section will be expected to open a dialogue with the NWTF personnel at an early stage of the formulation of a proposal to ensure that Facility capabilities are best matched to the proposer’s research ideas. This is especially important for new users.

A Technical Annex (TA) (download by clicking link below) would need to be completed and sent to NWTF Project Manager at [email protected] so that discussions with the Wind Tunnel Managers / Owners at the host institutions can start and the time, facility, equipment and support allocated accordingly (a copy of the TA is included at the end of this document too). A brief abstract description of the proposed research needs to be completed in the TA and submitted with any supporting documentation deemed necessary. Completion of this TA will imply permission for user details to be stored in the NWTF and EPSRC’s databases and to be used for mailing, accounting, reporting and other administrative purposes.

Visits to the Facility to discuss how to enable the technical and scientific aspirations of the user and to meet the personnel involved will normally be required. Potential Intellectual Property (IP) will be identified and recorded at this stage in an IP-register and plans put in place for appropriate protection. Where required, non-disclosure agreements will be offered to and signed with potential users. Note that the proposal is not assessed at this stage (this is the responsibility of the funding agency/research council) but the description would help in identifying the right facility, the right equipment and the right level of support required to make the proposed research succeed. EPSRC-funded proposals would be given top priority when it comes to agreeing usage of the wind tunnel and accompanying equipment.

This is a summary of the procedures to use a facility of the NWTF:

  1. Interested user/researcher contacts the NWTF Project Manager with a completed (as far as possible) Technical Annex.
  2. Project Manager initiates contact with personnel at facility indicated by user.
  3. Meeting/visit set up to discuss details, identify IP, complete TA, and the go-ahead given if both sides agree.
  4. A decision on acceptance for the facility and equipment use is made. If appropriate, alternative wind tunnel facilities are also proposed.
  5. Continuous interaction between Facility managers and user during proposal writing (if applicable) will take place (monitored by NWTF Project Manager).
  6. Final resource request will be agreed, costed and recorded on a pro-forma for submission to EPSRC with proposal (if applicable).
  7. Proposal Submission: Any user planning to use an NWTF facility, applying for EPSRC, BBSRC or NERC funding through JeS, should select NWTF as a facility although they should put £0 against it. The wind tunnel costs are then claimed under Directly Incurred Costs. Where asked for a Technical Assessment during proposal submission, the completed and signed Technical Annex should be uploaded.
  8. User requested to fill in Customer feedback form on effectiveness of this important part of the interaction with User groups.
  9. On being informed by EPSRC and the user that the proposal has been funded (if applicable), a meeting is held at the facility between the user and the managers – time-scales for the work and technical requirements are further discussed in detail and agreed upon.


The NWTF is committed to assisting early stage researchers by making world class facilities available for their research. A number of facilities have assigned a number of days per year for free access. For more information on this initiative click here or contact the NWTF project manager by clicking here.