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Transonic and Supersonic

University of Cambridge

The Transonic and Supersonic Wind Tunnels at the University of Cambridge are two identical supersonic tunnels of test section 0.12 m x 0.2 m x 0.6 m and M number range 0.6 – 3.5. It boasts an internal 3-component sting balance and the latest in pressure, surface shear, Schlieren, shadowgraph, liquid crystals and PSP techniques, PIV and LDV​.

Test Section 1 size:
0.12 x 0.2 x 0.6m

NOTE: Two identical facilities
Operational Status:
Number and Type of Staff:
Scientific: 2+
Technical Support: 1/2
Test support:
Workshop for wind tunnel model design,
manufacture and modification capability
Open Return blow down
Mach Number: 0.6 - 3.5
Maximum Flow Speed: Mach 0.6 - 3.5
Reynolds No: 20 - 60x10⁶/m
Total Pressure: 146 - 950 kPa
Temperature: 285 K
Run Time: 0-60s
Typical Recharge Time: 20 mins
Testing Capabilities:
Model Support: 3-component sting balance.

Data Acquisition: Multiple channel simultaneous data acquisition.
Outputs: Forces & moments, pressure (3-hole and 5-hole Pitot probes) and velocity (2-component LDA & PIV)

Flow visualisation: shadowgraph, schlieren imaging, surface oil flow, liquid crystals, pressure sensitive paint.
Specialist Rigs:
Ejector system for boundary layer suction in working section
High-Speed Stereoscopic PIV (LaVision)
Optical Probe
3 Component Laser Doppler Velocimetry System (TSI)
3D Traverse Rig (TSI)