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Advisory Board

Advisory Board Terms of Reference V04:

The NWTF Advisory Board will be selected to have representation from the following key stakeholders:

  • UK and international Academic experts in aerodynamics;
  • User representatives from different sectors e.g. aero, auto, energy, the environment and agencies (e.g. DLR, JAXA, ESA) including an SME representative;
  • A wind-tunnel manager;
  • An Existing National Facility Manager/Director (mentoring role);
  • Representatives from the sponsors of NWTF (EPSRC and ATI)

Role: The NWTF Advisory Board advises the Management Board (MB) of the NWTF on the following topics:

  • To develop an overview of the NWTF programme, with particular reference to its broader aims.
  • To monitor, review and make recommendations on progress versus Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by the MB, advise the MB on priorities, and when necessary, make recommendations on usage.
  • To offer advice on new facilities – especially those that are scientifically competitive internationally
  • developments and organisations both outside and within the scientific community.
  • Offer advice on strategic improvements on existing facilities.
  • To maintain interactive and pro-active involvement and communication with NWTF, generally promote NWTF in the international and industrial communities and bring it to the attention of researchers undertaking related work.
  • To bring NWTF to the attention of possible funding agencies and donors.
  • To identify suitable potential affiliates.
  • To identify gaps in NWTF coverage.


The NWTF AB will meet twice annually as appropriate and by agreement between the management team and the sponsors.

The NWTF project manager will arrange for the minutes of meetings to be taken and disseminated in a timely fashion and will act as liaison with the Management and Advisory Boards.

Advisory Board Members:

Adrian Gaylard JLRAutomotiveUK
Paul WhiteAirbusAerospaceUK
Shigeru HamamotoJAXAAerospaceJapan
Ian SmithQinetiqAerospaceUK
Andrew AlsopARUPCivil EngineeringUK
Azeddine Kourta University of OrléansAcademicFrance
Ed DuellJacobsAutomotiveUSA
Volker Buttgereit FD GlobalCivil EngineeringUK
David Sims-Williams Durham UniversityAcademic / AutomotiveUK
Ashley Evans BoeingAerospaceUK
Christina VanderwelUniversity of SouthamptonAcademic / EnvironmentalUK
Alistair Revell University of ManchesterAcademic / CFDUK
Martin Wright ETWAerospaceGermany
Ivan Marusic University of MelbourneAcademic / Fluid MechanicsAustralia
Brian Cleator BAEAerospaceUK
Isabella FumarolaImperial College LondonAcademic / AerospaceUK
Nigel TaylorMBDAAerospaceUK
Steve Rowley QinetiQAerospaceUK
Johan Steelant ESAAgencyNetherlands
Henrik Alfredsson KTH, StockholmAcademicSweden
Richard Markiewicz DSTLAerospaceUK
Joel WaltersJacobsAutomotiveUSA
David Roberts ARAAerospaceUK
Edward Jinks GEAerospaceUK
Kwing-so Choi University of NottinghamAcademicUK
Stuart Gates ATIFunding bodyUK
Gemma Adams EPSRCFunding bodyUK
Kevin Gouder Imperial College LondonAcademic / Tunnel ManagerUK
Eleanor RajaratnamAston Martin F1 TeamAutomotiveUK
Raul Vazquez-DiazRolls-RoyceAerospace UK
Marko BacicRolls-Royce Aerospace UK