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University of Southampton

The Anechoic wind tunnel at the University of Southampton has a test section size of 1 m x 0.75 m and a speed up to 80 m/s. It has far field microphones and phased microphone array.

Test Section 1 size:
1 x 0.75 m
Anechoic Chamber Size: 8.15 x 5.5 x 4.75m.
Mach Number: 0.23
Maximum Flow Speed: 80 m/s
Reynolds No: 5.4 x 10⁶/m
Total Pressure: 1.04 bars
Pressure: Up to 3.9 kN/m²
Temperature: Ambient to 296K
Run Time: Continuous
Testing Capabilities:
Data Acquisition: Farfield microphones and phased microphone array
Outputs: Acoustic: Farfield microphones and phased microphone array
Flow visualisation: Video, surface fluorescent oilflow.
Aerodynamic loads: Capability to measure surface pressures and loads
Laser Measurements: Capability to perform particle image velocimetry measurements

Flow visualisation: Video, surface
fluorescent oilflow
Specialist Rigs:
• Arc of farfield microphones to obtain comprehensive directivity information
• Simultaneous microphone array and laser diagnostics
• It is a unique facility within the UK that is able to conduct airframe noise and loads tests, high speeds train research as well as some specialist propulsive (engine) research
Cross-Wire Anemometry System
Chiller and heat exchanger for wind tunnel
Model support and traverse system
NI data acquisition system
Microphone array, kulites, arcs, mics, preamps, holders and leads