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The Automotive wind tunnel at Loughborough University is equipped with a wide range of experimental techniques such as force balance measurements and tomographic PIV.

The wind tunnel forms part of the vehicle aerodynamics research group bringing together expertise in computation fluid dynamics as well as experimental knowledge and expertise to work together to overcome problems in aerodynamics in the automotive industry.

Test Section 1 size:
1.92 (W) x 1.32 (H) x 3.6m (L)
Test Section 2 (Return) size:
Contraction Ratio of 7.4:1
Open circuit, closed throat
Maximum Flow Speed: 40m/s (90 mph)
Turbulence intensity: 0.15%
Testing Capabilities:
Model Support: 6-Component, underfloor, virtual-centre balance.
Maximum model weight is 30kg.
Rolling Road: Retractable moving ground-plane with leading edge and under-belt suction.