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Low Turbulence

City, University of London

This tunnel is exclusively used for studies on laminar turbulent transition. This is due to the extremely low turbulence instensity characterising this facility, which matches high altitude flight conditions. Both 2D and 3D boundary layers studies are carried out in this tunnel. A variety of commercial contract projects use the facility, including collaborations with Airbus and Bombardier, amongst others.

City’s Low Turbulence Wind Tunnel

The Low Turbulence ‘Gaster’ Wind Tunnel at City University of London has a test section of 0.91 m x 0.91 m x 3 m and a very low turbulence intensity of < 0.01%. Full technical specifications are listed below.

City University London
Northampton Square
London EC1V 0HB
United Kingdom
Test Section 1 size:
0.91 m x 0.91 m x 3m
6.75:1 contraction ratio.
Test Section 2 (Return) size:
Operational Status:
Number and Type of Staff:
Scientific: 3+
Technical Support: 2
Test support:
Workshop for wind tunnel model design,
manufacture and modification capability.
Low Speed, closed return.
Mach Number: 0.13 (max)

Maximum Flow Speed: 45m/s
Reynolds No: 0.034x10⁶/m - 3.1x10⁶/m (max)
Total Pressure: Ambient
Pressure: up to 1.24 kN/m²
Temperature: Ambient
Turbulence intensity: < 0.01% (up to 20m/s)

Run Time: Continuous
Typical Recharge Time: n/a.
Testing Capabilities:
Model Support: Floor mounted.
Rolling Road: n/a
Data Acquisition: 64 channel simultaneous data acquisition.
Outputs: Pressure & velocity. Hot-wire anemometry.
Flow visualisation: Video, tuft, surface fluorescent oilflow.
Specialist Rigs:
Air blowing / suction capability for flow
3 component LDV system with traverse
Hot wire anemometry system: - Traverse rig and supporting structure
Hot wire anemometry system: - A-D and D-A converters, filters, oscilloscopes
Unsteady pressure instrumentation
Plasma actuator support (electrical & optical)
Isolated vibration rig
Swept wing removable test section with contoured walls
Rotation rig with air bearings
High quality turbulence screens