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8ft x 6ft Low Speed

Cranfield University

The 8’x6’ Wind Tunnel at Cranfield University has a test section of 2.4 m x 1.8 m and a max speed of 50 m/s. It has a rolling road with boundary layer extraction, a 6-component overhead balance on 360deg rotating roof mounted turntable, an internal 6-component balance, a 6-component under-floor balance on rotating floor turntable (±25deg yaw) and four independent wheel drag load cells.

Cranfield’s 8’x6’ Wind Tunnel
Test Section 1 size:
2.4 x 1.8m
7:1 Contraction ratio
Operational Status:
Test support:
Workshop for wind tunnel model design,
manufacture and modification capability
Closed Return
Mach Number: 0.15 (max)

Maximum Flow Speed: 5 – 50m/s
Reynolds No: 3.6 x 10⁶/m (max)
Total Pressure: Ambient
Pressure: up to 1.5 kN/m²

Temperature: Ambient
Turbulence intensity: < 0.1%
Run Time: Continuous
Testing Capabilities:
Model Support: 6-component overhead balance on 360°rotating roof mounted turntable.
Internal 6-component balance. 6-component under-floor balance on rotating floor turntable (±25°yaw).
Four independent wheel drag load cells.

Data Acquisition: Multiple channel high speed data acquisition system
Outputs: Forces and Moments, pressure and velocity (PIV, 4-channel hot wire anemometer).

Flow visualisation: Multiple smoke filament flow seeding, high speed video, surface oilflow.

Specialist Rigs:
Quadrant for sting mounting.
High pressure air system for flow control (blowing and suction).
Rolling road (1.2m x 2.77m) for airspeeds up to 45m/s, with two stage boundary layer extraction system.
Automated active strut system for automotive models.
6-component balance