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Magnetic Suspension Balance Systems

6th March 2024
Imperial College London
Prof Jonathan Morrison & Dr Luke Doherty

MSBS offer an unrivalled opportunity for making sting-free measurements of time-dependent forces acting on aerodynamic models. Except for the usual challenges associated with Reynolds-number dependence, an MSBS offers the best way of estimating forces on engineering bodies as in ‘flight’, such as submarines, UAVs and re-entry space capsules. There is currently very little UK capability and an activity with a ‘critical mass’ in the UK has yet to be established. Clearly the ambition must be fostered by a long-term commitment of personnel for which training to doctoral standard at least is required. The pay-off from a world-leading MSBS facility is very considerable, with potential for the combination of MSBS and unique wind tunnels such as the Oxford Low Density Tunnel being attractive to colleagues across the world.

With new UKRI support through NWTF, two new MSBS will be designed and built, one each at Oxford University and Imperial College.

Invited speakers include Professors Colin Britcher (Old Dominion U.) Luke Doherty (Oxford U.) Yoshiaki Abe (Tohoku U.) and Kazuya Seo, Kogakuin University, Tokyo.

The workshop is introductory in nature identifying designs and potential.

Imperial College London

How to attend:
To register your interest in attending this event, email [email protected] with your name, job title, institution and reasons for attending this event. The event is free, but attendees are expected to fund their own travel, accommodation, and subsistence.

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