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£1.2m Network Grant Awarded to the NWTF

NWTF are delighted to announce a £1.2m EPSRC Network Grant award. Activities will include:

Knowledge Exchange:

  1. Creating a community hub on the NWTF website for academics and industry with events, forums, workshop and discussion boards to increase connectivity, inclusivity and information sharing within the UK wind tunnel community.
  2. Hosting training workshops, conferences and wind tunnel open days to exchange knowledge on wind tunnel capabilities, techniques, best practices, safety and research output.
  3. Further development of subgroups addressing the needs of this cross-disciplinary community.

Industry/Academia Group Research Projects:

  1. Hosting subgroup discussion forums generating industry involvement from research project ideation stage onwards, ensuring development of research proposals with industry support.
  2. Co-ordinating industry/academia group research project proposals to the point of grant application.

Experimental Database:

  1. Working with experimentalists to establish best practices for providing open research databases.
  2. Creating and publicising case studies and best practice documents.
  3. Curating and validating high quality wind-tunnel data with a front end for the NWTF website.
  4. Improving useability of open access research outputs and promoting better connectivity with the CFD community.

Community involvement in NWTF:

  1. Generating community input into planning NWTF infrastructure development.
  2. Increasing inclusivity with researchers from universities outside NWTF and internationally.
  3. Encouraging usage of NWTF as a national resource to ensure sustainability and maximise impact of infrastructure investment.
  4. Encouraging researcher mobility by providing T&S for researchers travelling to use NWTFs.
  5. Funding T&S for industry/academia sabbaticals.

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