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MENtOR testing begins at Cranfield 8×6 wind tunnel.

MENtOR rotor rig

The MENtOR rotor test rig is currently being tested at the NWTF 8×6 wind tunnel at the University of Cranfield.

MENtOR is a test program developed by the UK Vertical Lift Network (UKVLN) to develop simulation tools and experimental facilities for rotorcraft research. This program enables high quality data for tiltrotor aeroelasticity and computer codes for flutter studies.

Testing has already been carried out at the NWTF deHavilland wind tunnel at the University of Glasgow. This project is being led by the University of Glasgow.

Other members of the MENtOR test program include the universities of Bristol, Bath, Liverpool, Leicester and Manchester.  

More information on the MENtOR program can be found here.

More information on the UKVLN can be found here.

MENtOR rotor rig
8×6 wind tunnel