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National Wind Tunnel Facility Conference. Birmingham, 25th – 26th May 2023

About the conference

The National Wind Tunnel Facility (NWTF) conference aims to bring together the industrial and academic wind tunnel community to:

  • Showcase the ‘art of the possible’ and the research opportunities presented by NWTF’s unique range of facilities.
  • Highlight the ongoing, cutting-edge, industry and academic research facilitated by the NWTF.
  • Create a networking opportunity for industry and academic researchers across all sectors.
  • Share knowledge, spark new ideas and give an opportunity for industry to influence the future development of the NWTF portfolio.

Visit the conference website here.

Conference Venue

The Exchange is a stunning building that has recently and carefully been restored to its former glory. The venue is perfectly located in the centre of the city with rooms and spaces that are both modern and flexible in their design and layout.

As an iconic Birmingham landmark, The Exchange was once home to the Municipal Bank. Now, it’s a hub for creativity, collaboration and celebration. Built in 1933, the pillared aspect of this impressive building sits opposite Centenary Square and is close to Birmingham’s best bars, restaurants and shops.

Retaining many of its unique period features, The Exchange features many different rooms, giving you the flexibility to transition from important meetings and breakout discussions to press announcements, ceremonies, receptions and formal dining. The Exchange boasts an enviable city-centre location. It’s easily accessible from the city’s main transport links, being just a 10-minute walk from Birmingham New Street and 20-minute drive from Birmingham Airport.

Paper Submission

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Key Dates

Registration is now closed.


Day 1:

09:30-10:30Conference Registration & Coffee ReceptionPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
10:30-10:35WelcomeMike Jesson – Birmingham
10.35-10.50About the NWTF Jonathan Morrison – Imperial 
10:50-12:00Session 1
Research Capabilities at NWTFs – Art of the Possible. 
(Chair: Chetan Jagadeesh) 

6 x 10 minute presentations with
2 minutes for questions and changeover.
Renan Soares – Southampton
On the Land, Air and Sea – Recent Applied Aerodynamics
Experiments the University of Southampton facilities

Mahdi Azarpeyvand – Bristol

Experimental Aeroacoustic Research at Bristol

David Soper – Birmingham 
Unlocking future freight transport capability through
novel moving model vehicle aerodynamics research

David Birch – Surrey 
How low can you go? The EnFlo Environmental
Wind Tunnel and its measurement challenges

Magnus Gregory – Southampton
Underwater PIV benchmark at the University of Southampton Boldrewood Towing Tank

David Angland – Southampton
University of Southampton anechoic wind tunnel –capabilities, current work and future plans
12:00-13:00LunchPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
13:00-14:00Session 2
Snapshot of Research
(Chair: Christina Vanderwell)

5 x10 minute presentations with 2 minutes for questions and changeover
Richard Green – Glasgow
Performance of non-conventional aircraft tail configurations

Kwing-So Choi – Nottingham
Leading-edge flow separation control using DBD plasma: Effect of the Reynolds number

Olivier Cadot – Liverpool
An experimental sensitivity analysis of the aerodynamics of a simplified ground vehicle to the body clearance, yaw and pitch

Isabella Fumerola – Imperial

The ‘Big and Slow’ surface wave experiment for skin
friction drag reduction

Matteo Carpenteri – Surrey 
Non-neutral flows: simulating the full range of atmospheric conditions in the EnFlo Environmental Wind Tunnel
14:00-14:30Coffee BreakPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
14:30-15:30Session 3  
Industry Presentations 

(Chair: Ian Smith) 

5 x 10 minute presentations with
2 minutes for questions and changeover
Edward Jinks 
Siemens Acoustic Wind Tunnel Testing

Roger Gardner – UK ARC

Nicolas Oettle – JLR

Wind tunnel needs from the perspective of an automotive manufacturer

David Roberts – ARA

Stephen Lawson – MBDA
15:30-16:00Coffee BreakPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
16:00-16:45Key Speaker
(Intro: Paul White) 
Steve Rowley – QinetiQ
Exploitation pathways – joining the dots between research and industry
16:45-17:00CloseMike Jesson 
17:00-18:00NWTF Management Board MeetingManagement Board Members
18:00-18:30Drinks Reception
18:30 – 20:00Conference Dinner 
(Assembly Room)

Day 2:

TimeSessionPresenter (Topic)
08:30-09:30Conference RegistrationPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
09:30-09:40Welcome Mike Jesson – Birmingham
09:40-10:40Session 4 
Snapshot of High Speed Research 

(Chair: David Roberts)

5 x 10 minute presentations with 2 minute questions and change over
Mark Quinn – Manchester
Intake unstart testing in the University of Manchester HSST

Kshitij Sabnis – Cambridge
Transonic aerodynamics of aircraft engine nacelles in off-design conditions

Matthew McGilvray – Oxford
         1. Testing of aeroheating during satellite demise in the Oxford T6 Stalker Tunnel
         2. Combined shock speed and spectral radiance probe for use in a hypervelocity shock tube

Luke Doherty – Oxford
          1. Internal heat transfer measurements on hollow
bodies in rarefied flow
          2. Effects of macro-roughness on the supersonic lateral
separation of spheres in the Oxford High Density Tunnel
          3. Development and application of Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) for hypersonic free-flight.

Christopher Wheeler – Oxford

Surface pressure measurements on a free-flying cone at Mach 7 using pressure sensitive paint
Coffee Break Poster Session – Current & New Facilities
Key Speaker
(Intro: Matthew McGilvray)
Johan Steelant – ESA
Multipurpose and Future of Wind Tunnels
12:00-13:00LunchPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
13:00-13:30Key Speaker
(Intro: Kwing-So Choi)
Gary Page – Loughborough
NWTF Experimental Database
13:30-14:00Session 5 
NWTF Subgroup Activities

(Chair: Richard Green)

5 minutes per presenter
Ashley Evans – Boeing
Novel Instrumentation Subgroup – Industry requirements

Paul White – Airbus
Tunnel Managers Forum 

Mahdi Azarpeyvand – Bristol 
NWTF Group Projects 

Richard Green – Glasgow
Training Workshops Subgroup

Raul Vazquez-Diaz – Rolls Royce
TRL5+ Wind Tunnels
14:00-14:30Coffee BreakPoster Session – Current & New Facilities
14:30-15:30Panel Session
Vision for the NWTF 

5 minute presentation from panellists followed by audience Q&A
Steve Rowley – QinetiQ – Host
Joanthan Morrison – Imperial
Raul Vazquez-Diaz – Rolls Royce
Stephen Lawson – MBDA
Stuart Gates – ATI
Mike Simpson – EPSRC
15:30-15:40CloseJonathan Morrison