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Training workshops and masterclasses

NWTF member facilities have offered to host the training workshops below. Please register your interest in any of these workshops by contacting the NWTF project manager here.

OrganisationPotential training workshop
U of Birmingham– Basic principles of wind tunnel operation.
– Novel miniature pressure monitoring systems.
– Basics of a moving model facility
– Non-synoptic wind generators
U of Glasgow– Principles
– Pressure and force
City University, London– Experimental practice
– Thermal Anemometry
– Flow visualisation
Imperial College London– PIV
– Hot-wire
– Temperature
U of Bristol– Principles
– Acoustic
U of Cambridge– LDA
– Schlieren and shadowgraphy
U of Oxford– Heat transfer
– Optical diagnostics
– High speed wind tunnel operation

– Thermal systems for zero carbon flight
– ┬áThe challenges of using LH2 for flight
U of Manchester– Pressure sensitive paints
U of Southampton
U of Surrey
Cranfield University